5 Reasons to use MY FIRE Eco-fuel Brix:

environmentally-friendly fuel option

1. It’s an environmentally-friendly fuel option.

  • A zero carbon-footprint fuel!
    Made from 100% recycled wood waste (sawdust & wood chips.)
  • Safer and cleaner burning than other commonly used fuels.
    Contains no binders or chemicals. Burns completely to ash that can be safely dug into your garden bed or compost heap.

2. They burn efficiently in ALL fireplaces.

Open or closed-combustion fireplaces and stoves — whether high-end or low-cost.

They burn efficiently in ALL fireplaces
My Fire Eco-fuel Brix are cost-effective

3. MY FIRE Eco-fuel Brix are cost-effective.

Because of their high density and high energy content (± 5.0 kWh/kg) 8kgs of MY FIRE Eco-fuel Brix provide the same heating capacity as approximately 3 x the amount of split logs!

Neat, convenient, watertight packaging

4. Neat, convenient, watertight packaging.

  • Eliminates mess associated with charcoal and bundled wood! Easy to stack, watertight and bug-free!
  • Contains detailed instructions for starting a fire using MY FIRE Eco-fuel Brix.

5. People around the world using the same product, manufactured on the same machines but marketed overseas under
    different brand names, have this to say about the briquettes:

"Beyond the environmental, storage and practical advantages (which are huge),
[the briquettes] provide a better, more consistent and predictable burn compared to cordwood."

— Aaron, New Hartford, CT, USA

"They ignite. They heat.  They are wonderful.
As you advertise, no bugs, no splitting, no nothing except hauling into one's garage."

— Joyce on www.biopellet.net

"They heat our home comfortably, safely and we have saved a ton of money on heating this year.
With everyone concerned about our ecology these days we are sure your product will be a Godsend to everyone.  Thank you again."

— Angie and Ben on www.biopellet.net


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